City-Planning-1The follies of the NMMC Engineering Dept. have turned most of Navi Mumbai into a mess. For residents who waited patiently for the major projects to end so that life would become simpler outside homes are in for a nightmare as city planning is turning into a big mess, courtesy year long road works. The residents living along this stretch of Vashi heaved a sigh of relief when after months of inconvenience, the concretization work on the road ended. But the relief was very short lived, as a few days later residents woke up to a morning when again another NMMC contractor was digging the same road – this time for laying pipelines. The contractor dug the road, laid the pipelines and vanished from the area. Now the road looks like this. It is not difficult even for a layman to judge that logically, the pipeline contractor should have laid the pipelines first and then the contractor doing the concretization work should have done the road. This example exposes the failure of the NMMC Engineering Dept. to study the intricacies of two major projects that are underway in the city at the same time. As a result of their failure, the road that should have been in perfect condition considering that it has been concretized is a mess today. This is just the tip of the ice berg as far as NMMC planning mishaps are concerned. Most of the city nodes today have turned into complete mess due to the road work being conducted just about anywhere. Evidently there have been traffic jams, telephone lines have been disrupted; existing water pipelines and power supply cables have been damaged and perfect roads have been dug spelling inconvenience all the way. Leave along factors of pollution. There is no doubt that the NMMC Engineering Dept. failed to do its homework before commencing three major projects in the city on which over Rs. 1000 Crores of the taxpayer’s money is being spent. NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata says that when there is inconvenience to citizens in any city where vital projects are being undertaken. On fresh concretized roads being dug again to lay pipelines, the Commissioner goes defensive. However, Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik did not show reluctance in accepting that year long road works is an indication that the NMMC Engineering minds had failed somewhere. A NMTV Bureau report.


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