fortis-1This week the NMMC Standing Committee once again sent back the 10% reservation proposal to the NMMC administration. Once again there seems to be an unjustified delay in implementation of the proposal. NMTV Dy. Editor Sana Warsia tries to find out “Whether justice delayed in 10% reservation at Fortis is justice denied to the poor?” Find out what the NCP leaders had to say on weekend exclusive “Justice for Poor” report. Much hope was pinned on the first NMMC Standing Committee Meet held this week but everyone was in for a major disappointment as the Municipal Commissioner Vijay Nahata withdrew the proposal on the policy for admitting patients in the 10% reservation, stating that a fresh proposal would be placed at the Committee meeting next week. The proposal that was sent back was to inform the members that Hiranandani Fortis had rejected all 5 clauses kept by MLA Sandeep Naik chaired Standing Committee meeting. Take a look at the clauses that were kept by NMMC Standing Committee and that have been outright rejected by HF. FORTIS REJECTS NMMC STANDING COMMITTEE CLAUSE ON COST OF MEDICINES Standing Committee had kept the clause that medicines and surgicals should be charged at cost price. But Fortis rejected this clause. In its proposal submitted to the Standing Committee, the Commissioner has stated that Fortis says that the medicines and surgicals would be charged at MRP and not at cost suggested. FORTIS REJECTS DIRECT ENTRY FROM NMMC HOSPITAL TO HIRANANDANI FORTIS Standing Committee had kept the clause of providing entry to the Fortis Hospital directly from the NMMC Hospital. However Fortis rejected this clause and stated that NMMC should provide entry from the passage outside – that too at NMMC’s own cost. FORTIS REJECTS FILLING BACKLOG Standing Committee had kept the clause that Fortis should fill the backlog not availed by NMMC since the commencement of functioning of the hospital. Fortis rejected this clause too stating that the backlog cannot be cleared as NMMC is responsible for the delay. FORTIS REJECTS PROVIDING MEDICAL SERVICE AS PER RESERVATION TO DISASTER OR EPIDEMIC PATIENTS Standing Committee had kept the clause of providing free medical service as per the reservation to patients in mass disaster or epidemic patients. Fortis has stated that they would treat casualties of disasters and epidemics but NMMC should collect and re-imburse the cost from the state government. FORTIS REJECTS “DEPOSIT” CLAUSE Standing Committee had instructed to reduce deposit for admission to Rs. 1000 in general ward and Rs. 5000 in ICU. Fortis rejected this clause stating that in cases where the Super Specialty treatment anticipated bill is higher than the deposit; then the patient will be directed to get all consumables and medicines from outside. The million dollar question is “Why did Commissioner Vijay Nahata bring a proposal to the NMMC Standing Committee when he was going to withdraw it without even discussing it”. It clearly shows the apathy of bureaucracy that plagues the administrative functioning. The NMMC Commissioner is quick to take credit when it comes to getting awards and also shows keen interest when it comes to approving tenders of Crores of Rupees for contractors in which there are alleged kickbacks. But when it comes to such proposals of public interest – in a rather shameful manner the Commissioner continues to demonstrate apathy. When the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan had asked IAS officers of the state to work keeping the interest of the common man in mind – he might be talking to IAS officers like NMMC Commissioner Vijay Nahata because keenness the Commissioner showed in giving HF license to begin functioning two years was never seen when it came to implementing 10% reservation for the poor. It’s because of his apathy that for the last over two years justice is being delayed in the 10% reservation policy resulting in justice being denied to the poor in Navi Mumbai. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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