Is lack of education, will to work and vision for public work the reason of poor performance by corporators? A one year progress follow up report

Last weekend we got tremendous response from you for our top exclusive report “how have the corporators performed?” and the answer to this question was quite obvious – the performance of the new house has been a major disappointment. In our follow up report on the progress report card of corporators, today we analyze, deliberate and speak to experts find out whether lack of education, will to work and vision for public work is the reason for the poor performance of corporators after 1 year of being elected.

Last week on weekend exclusive, we brought to you a detailed report on how the new house of corporators that was formed in may 2010 have performed in the last one year. A study on the issues that haunt the city and the policies that have failed to take off established that their performance has been a major disappointment. Major issues of hawkers, hoardings, 10% reservation to poor at NMMC fortis hospital, 24 x 7 water supply, parking and beautification have not been addressed while civic grievances in every ward are increasing by the day due to year long road digging and footpath repair work. On the contrary the focus of all corporators seem to be only on tenders and contracts that can give them kickbacks in the form of 10% commission. To top it all, the young mayor sagar naik and the change of opposition party to Shiv Sena and opposition leader manoj haldankar – all have failed to make an impressive debut in public work in the last one year. So what are the reasons that have led to the failure of the new general body of corporators to perform? According to social activist sandeep thakur, the first and foremost reason for this is the lack of education. With the help of rti, sandeep thakur has gathered a detailed data on the educational qualification of corporators which portrays a dismal picture as 61 out of the 89 corporators are not even ssc pass.

However, he is quick to add that education qualifications are also not important and leaders like former chief minister of Maharashtra vasant dada patil have proved this with their leadership. What is more important than education is the will to learn. But all corporators in NMMC seem to be willing to learn is how to get elected the next time round as well so that their ward and corporatorship does not go. He says that it is because corporators lack will for social service and studying proposals that are against the welfare of the city and tax payers that they fail to raise issue like 2 fsi to sector 17, Vashi.

Giving another example he speaks of 2.5 fsi. While the challenges related to infrastructure problems are many, there has been no intelligent debate on it by corporators in NMMC general body meeting. Sandeep thakur says that the conduct of corporators make its clear that besides lack of education, they don’t have the social will or vision either. What’s more bizarre is that instead of waking up to the calls of their duties and fulfilling their responsibilities as public representatives, corporators have confessed to sandeep thakur that they cannot take up public interest issues as they are in politics ! And this stands true for both ruling and opposition.

Due to lack of education, will to work and vision for public work both the ruling and opposition corporators have disappointed citizens with their poor performance in the last one year. The way in which civic problems are increasing in the city, has shocked people in their corporators. One can only hope that the corporators will learn from the mistakes of the first year and ensure that now they will do justice to residents who voted them to power in each ward. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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