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Is Navi Mumbai Awaiting A Planning Disaster Due To Lack Of Vision And Poor Planning? –Nmtv Weekend Exclusive

Everyone is awaiting Crisil to come out with its Impact Assessment report based on which the process of 2.5 FSI will take a concrete form. But when the process for 2.5 FSI is underway, why are dilapidated CIDCO apartments being razed down one after the other. This sporadic pattern of redevelopment threatens the infrastructural concerns for the city while illegal FSI consumption in gaonthan areas is spelling doom to the very concept of planned city. On weekend exclusive today, we try to find out whether “Does a planning disaster await Navi Mumbai due to lack of vision and poor planning?

These rubbles, debris and partly demolished structures once were JN 2 Type apartments in Sector 9, Vashi. They have been demolished to erect towers with the blessings of the local politicians, of course. At a time when NMMC is drafting its Impact Assessment Report for bringing about 2.5 FSI in Navi Mumbai; how can dilapidated CIDCO homes be given permission to be razed down? Would this not have an impact on the very foundations of a planned city? It may be recalled that “Credit Rating and Information Services of India Ltd.” popularly known as CRISIL has been assigned the task of making an “Impact Assessment Report” that will seal the fate of 2.5 FSI for Navi Mumbai. Everyone thought that the biggest worry now is the delay this kind of a time-consuming report may cause for bringing about a GR on 2.5 FSI; but now another issue has surfaced raising even more grave worry for the city. That is – NMMC is granting permission to raze down dilapidated CIDCO apartments one after the other for redevelopment. If this sporadic pattern of redevelopment continues; then what is the point of talking about re-development with scientific planning post the CRISIL report. What’s more shocking? CIDCO and NMMC’s Town Planning Dept. do not have any information or data on the FSI status of Navi Mumbai. Neither of the two know how much FSI has been consumed in different nodes – both in gaonthan and city areas? This has come to light by way of a RTI and questions raised to the Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede by NCP Corporator Kishore Patkar. Kishore Patkar is the pioneer of redevelopment of dilapidated CIDCO apartments in Navi Mumbai.

NMMC does not have any data on FSI consumed in Navi Mumbai, yet the Town Planning Dept. is giving CCs to dilapidated CIDCO buildings to redevelop with increased FSI based on calculation of FSI to individual plots. Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik, who is well aware of the fact that NMMC has no data on FSI consumed in different nodes, held officials responsible for the same.

It’s basically to compile the data on FSI consumed in the city already and the redevelopment thereafter that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik has called for an Impact Assessment Report.

If CRISIL has to begin the report by having to compile information on the FSI status of Navi Mumbai, then the Impact Assessment Report will consume more time than what is being estimated. What’s worse is that NMMC is to be solely blamed for the delay that is going to happen. Despite demands of FSI for dilapidated CIDCO apartments in Navi Mumbai for decades, NMMC has reportedly not sent even one single proposal for it ever. When they should have sent such a proposal to the state and started “Impact Assessment Report” years ago, says journalist Jayesh Samant.

Jayesh Samant says that if at all there is a lacunae in the Impact Assessment Report, the activists might not even wait for 2.5 FSI but would challenge the report itself. Clearly, there is complete lack of vision and planning in NMMC that continues to play either corrupt or ignorant by granting permission to redevelop to dilapidated CIDCO homes, in a random fashion. In a couple of months, these demolished JN Type and F Type buildings will give way to towers. With one tower here and one tower there; how does NMMC intend to take care of infrastructural requisites while redevelopment? Will these very towers not become obstacles for scientific planning? And will all this not lead to a planning disaster in planned city Navi Mumbai? Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik echoes the same fear as he informed that he has told the Chief Minister that a policy decision on FSI should be taken before illegal constructions create havoc in the city.

But as far as is the opinion of journalist Jayesh Samant, a planning disaster has already happened. As everyone awaits the CRISIL report, looks like the damage has already been done. Blame it on NMMC’s lax attitude, lack of vision or poor planning but the delay is grave injustice to the 30, 000 families living in fear in dilapidated CIDCO homes. With bureau inputs, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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