2-fsiOn Monday there is going to be a significant public hearing on a proposal that has been creating controversies in NMMC for quite some time now. It pertains to permitting 2 FSI only in Sector 17, Vashi. However, with enough information procured under RTI to make NMMC sweat, RTI activist Sandeep Thakur will be present for the hearing to register his objection that is grave injustice and bias that NMMC is showing to Sector 17, Vashi. That all that we bring to you on the top report that we are tracking this weekend “Is NMMC amending the GDCR to regularize FSI violations in Vashi. Vested interests are at work again in NMMC though this time they might not have things their way. The NMMC wants to make amendments in the GDCR so all the buildings violating FSI rules by consuming 2 FSI can be regularized. What’s interesting to note is that all these buildings are situated in Sector 17, Vashi. In other words NMMC wants to amend the GDCR to regularize the illegal consumption of 2 FSI by buildings only in Sector 17, Vashi. A proposal for the same was approved by the NMMC General Body meeting recently. And on Monday, according to mandatory rules, NMMC will call for a hearing to register the objections and suggestions against this proposal. RTI activist Sandeep Thakur is all set to be there for the hearing. We caught up with Sandeep Thakur ahead of the hearing. He says that it is clear fraud and corruption in CIDCO that buildings only in Sector 17, Vashi had consumed 2 FSI. That NMMC is playing mischief can be understood by the fact that nowhere in their proposal for amendment, do they mention that all the buildings that have consumed 2 FSI are in Sector 17, Vashi. It has been exposed only by Sandeep Thakur’s RTI. Under the RTI, Sandeep Thakur has procured information that exposes the vested interests in NMMC administration and how the Town Planning Office continues to fail do their job. In their proposal NMMC TPO says that these buildings are in dilapidated conditions that in why 2 FSI should be approved for them. However, this claim on NMMC TPO is not based on their survey or findings but merely letters from three private architects. The NMMC TPO is further exposed in the Sandeep Thakur’s RTI as they confess that they made the proposal without verifying whether the claims of the three architects had any credibility. According to Sandeep Thakur, the intention of NMMC is not to regularize the buildings violating 2 FSI but to favour one new construction coming up in the node. Along with the information procured under RTI, Sandeep Thakur will register his objection to the proposal during Monday’s hearing in NMMC. He says if at all NMMC still goes ahead with the proposal, he will raise his objections with the State Urban Development Dept. What’s most unfortunate is that when the proposal was approved at the NMMC General Body meeting, no corporator from the ruling front or opposition raised their objections towards the administration’s decision to amend GDCR only so that Sector 17, Vashi could benefit out of it while scores of CIDCO built JN Type, B Type, C Type and D Type apartments still await 2.5 FSI to reconstruct their dilapidated homes. Not to forget that many corporators have won the last municipal elections on this very promise. Yet corporators did not bother to raise this issue before approving 2 FSI for Sector 17, Vashi at the general body meeting. This compels one to think that either they do not care to study public work proposals or that they too are out to favour only one sector or one builder. When you look at the way corporators and officials in NMMC continue to work against the interest of tax payers and the poor, you are forced to believe that Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik’s continuous outburst and anger against NMMC is but legitimate. These corrupt officials and corporators continue to demonstrate apathy, insensitivity and irresponsible behavior against your city and your money. Now that this is being raised by the city’s Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik himself, will it awaken the conscience of the corporators and officials, only time will tell? With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.


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