roadworkThe city has been under the trauma of road digging for months now. However, there might be some respite for the residents as NMMC has set 30th April as the deadline for completing the road digging work for laying water and sewerage pipelines in the city. Bringing some respite to Navi Mumbaikars from the on going road digging work across the city, NMMC has set a deadline of April 31st for contractors to complete the laying of water and sewerage pipeline work. To lay the pipelines, several JCBs and trucks and spotted in the city which has been inconveniencing the residents for months now. The digging work is also being carried out in the internal roads of the city and chaos and traffic congestion has become a common occurrence. However, the recent decision of NMMC is likely to bring some relief for the residents. NMMC Commissioner Bhaskar Wankhede informed that post 30th April, road digging work would be completely stopped in the city and the pending work would be continued post monsoons. The laying of pipelines in the city has led to many controversies one being that the contractor has failed to ensure that the road is filled back unevenly. When the same was informed to the NMMC Commissioner, he assured that the administration would ensure that contractors are filling up the road properly. There were also allegations that the road that was being filled back was being done in a sub-standard manner which could lead to water seeping leading to cracks developing on the patched work. NMMC Commissioner has hence directed his department to ensure that supervision of the work being done by the contractors should be strictly monitored. While NMMC is positive that the work would be stopped completely after April 30th, Navi Mumbaikars are not convinced. It’s a routine process by NMMC to give deadlines but the fact remains that the deadlines are never met. It will be a wait and watch to see if NMMC ensures to meet this deadline and relief citizens from the hassle of road digging work. With cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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