Is NMMC draining public funds again in the name of footpath repair work at sector 10 Vashi

The footpath of sector 10 Vashi, near Mahalakshmi Apartments, is all set for a new look – a renovation. The NMMC standing committee has approved a proposal for the renovation which specifies the budget to be rs. 14, 14, 806. However, the footpaths while need repair in some places, residents say that the amount is exorbitant for the minor works.

The story of the footpath renovation and the budget allotted for the same at sector 10 of Vashi seems to resemble the well-known anecdote, “the man who cried wolf”- a fine exaggeration. Although the footpath is in need of renovations in certain places, it is very well evident that the enormous budget allotted for the purpose seems to make a mountain out of a molehill, the moaunt being a hefty rs. 14, 14, 806. The residents of the area second the same opinion, for they feel that the renovation that needs to be undertaken can very well be done at a lower budget. However, on the flip side, they feel that the budget allotted for this purpose is quite huge and that all of it is a major eyewash. If all the footpaths with minor changes to be done get allotted such huge sums for renovation and if the authorities continue to remain so ‘large – hearted’, the city surely stands a very meek chance to come out of its sorry state of affairs. With cameraman Santosh Bodhare, Divya Shekhar for NMTV News.

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