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It stinks!!! Dead bodies are piling up in absence of sufficient mortuary chambers at NMMC hospital

Members of the NMMC Standing Committee have exposed how NMMC Hospital at Vashi continues to reel under dire conditions. The worst was revealed during the meeting this week when members voiced protest against the fact that out of the 18 mortuary chambers in hospital, 12 are defunct.

A very significant issue was deliberated upon in this week’s Standing Committee meeting when NCP corporator Madhuri Sutar raised the issue of non functional mortuary chambers at the NMMC Hospital at Sector 10, Vashi. She exposed the failures of the NMMC Health Dept. by bringing it on record that only 6 out of the 18 mortuary chambers in NMMC Hospital are functional.

She even alleged that during her last visit to NMMC Hospital, she noticed that the temperature required to be maintained at any mortuary was not being done at NMMC, due to which the area around the mortuary has a foul odour and stink. Backing the issue raised by his party colleague, NCP Corporator Anant Sutar too pointed out that the manner in which dead bodies were being piled in NMMC Hospital, it was hurting the sentiments of their families. He demanded that Executive Engineer G V Rao answer the issues raised by him.

Executive Engineer G V Rao justified the administration’s stand and said that they are soon going to call for tenders. Anant Sutar lost his cool on the lame excuses given by G V Rao and questioned why do officials speak of calling for tenders only after corporators raise an issue?

Speaking to the media, Standing Committee Chairman Ramesh Shinde said that it was unfortunate that a time has come when members are raising this issue. He criticized the administration’s lousy approach to the sensitive issue.

While burning civic issues that haunt Navi Mumbai continue to be neglected, it is most unfortunate that dead bodies are being kept in such unhygienic conditions at the NMMC Hospital, hurting sentiments of families by one of the richest municipal corporations of the state. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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