census-1While census has started with aplomb and crackers; the job of getting details mandatory to officials collecting census is an uphill task. NMTV Correspondent Shilpa Suryavanshi caught up with some census officials at CBD Belapur who narrate the hiccups they are facing while collecting census. Popular music director Shankar Mahadevan gave a smily start to census in Navi Mumbai but for officials who are going out on field to collect data for census in the city are anything but smiling. The reason being the non cooperation and in some cases even hostility of residents who look at the census officials as intruders invading into their private space and asking for information that residents believe is “confidential”. And that’s why majority of the 2,500 officials on fields that includes teachers, supervisors and NMMC staff are facing difficulty convincing residents to part with census information. The census is being conducted in 8 wards of the city, which includes CBD, Nerul, Vashi, Turbhe, Koparkhairne, Ghansoli, Airoli and Digha. One of the ward officers of the city shared the problems faced by enumerators who are collecting data for the census. A census officer told us that a common problem they have been facing is in the case of rented houses where owners are deterring their tenants from providing information on the pretext that the tenants are not going to reside there forever. While in many other cases, immigrants are not availing the information of their hometown. Moreover, in case of an office-going family, things become far more difficult for census officials. It takes nearly 15 to 20 minutes in observing and noting the thorough information of every single home. Dy. Municipal Commissioner of NMMC Census J.S. Panpantte assures that the collected information will be kept confidential and people shouldn’t feel scared since its collected for good cause. Under the law, anyone not providing the information under census may have to pay Rs. 3,000 penalty and or may even be sent to jail for 3 years. Residents should know that the resourceful data will be used in maintaining the Rashtriya Loksankhya Register or the National Population Register, which will help to generate multipurpose ‘Unique Card’ for every citizen of the country. This would make things easier for citizens, that is why NMTV News appeals to all viewers to be aware of this drive and cooperate in giving out information the next time the census official from NMMC comes knocking at your doors. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV news.

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