diwali-sweet-1The festival of Diwali is also known for its fireworks, lights and shopping. But, it is incomplete without mouthwatering sweets which are prepared in almost all houses well before the festival commences. Sanpada resident Ashwini Chougule has already finished making the delicacies with the arrival of the Dhanteras. Amongst Maharashtrians, chivda, Shakkarparas and Karanjees rule the delicacies during Diwali. We caught up with a resident who is all set with her Diwali preparations which also includes making sweets. These are some of the mouth watering items that are made during Diwali, which include karanjee’s, laddoos, Shakkarpara and nankhatais. People begin with preparations a week before so that it is not a hassle for them when the festival commences. Traditionally, karanjee’s and besan laddoos are the items that must be made. These items are offered to goddess Laxmi during Laxmi Pujan. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV news.

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