Like a trend each year in a country like ours, all festivals seem to be closely knit in following each other. With several others and the last being Good Friday the city today celebrated Easter Sunday in full swing. NMTV News too wishes all its viewers Easter greetings. Following Good Friday, Easter Sunday was also celebrated with traditional enthusiasm. Easter is a time of springtime festivals. In Christian countries Easter is celebrated as the religious holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Christians believe that “Rather than punish (people) for their sin, God chose to put the punishment on his own son” and thus, “when Jesus rose, then sin was defeated. Hence, this is considered very auspicious as Christ coming back to life in flesh and blood to deliver humans from sins signifies the victory of patience, sacrifice and goodness. Christians believe that by laying down his life, Jesus Christ reinstated a long life for them. Easter usually is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Apart from the holiness that is rendered to the celebrations, what is more important is the observation of the message that such days send to us for generations: the message of peace love and harmony. In the city as well, the same message was reiterated in the form masses held at several churches round the city. Such instances of every religion stand out to prove that when it comes to a struggle it is always the good and truthful that will prevail and leave more lessons for generations to come. NMTV wishes all its viewers festive greetings.

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