It’s going to be all havoc this monsoon as debris and silt encroach footpaths all over the city

The manner in which NMMC contractors are doing pre monsoon work in the city is shocking. Footpaths are covered with debris, random gutter lids are being opened to remove silt that too in a shoddy manner. That is why many believe that its going to be havoc this monsoon as debris and silt encroach footpaths all over the city.

Recently NMMC administration held its second disaster management meeting at NMMC hq. While officials and engineers sat for a posh round table conference to discuss pre-monsoon work, the outside picture of the city is all haphazard and chaotic. After a delay of almost seven weeks, NMMC finally began its pre-monsoon work, that too of de-silting the gutters only, clearly ignoring the bigger nullahs in the city which should have been taken up on priority by the administration. Even the work of desilting of city gutters seems to be limited as the footpaths are covered with road debris. Labors were seen carrying out the de-silting work only on those gutters which are not covered with the debris which are only a few. The remaining gutters are not even visible as city footpaths are filled with debris.

Heaps and heaps of debris coming out of the road digging work has been left on the footpaths for almost a month now inconveniencing pedestrians and residents. Residents have lost all faith in NMMC and say that the administration would not be able to complete the work prior to monsoon. After speaking to the residents’ plight, we visited the NMMC ward office. As usual, ward officer ashok madhvi was at a loss of the situation in his own ward and directed us to a one NMMC officer raut, who was not even present at the office. Vashi ward officer ashok madhvi never speaks on any issue of Vashi and always names another officer as being responsible for just about any task related to Vashi putting a question mark on what is the role of the ward officers in every node. Meanwhile, while NMMC claims that it is effectively carrying out pre-monsoon work, the fact it is that even this work, like the road digging work, is being carrying out in a shoddy manner. The debris lying on the footpaths and then the debris taken out of the gutters are just lying down in the city streets, waiting to be washed back in the gutters once the first showers hit the city. With cameraperson santosh bodhare, kala jadhav for NMTV News.

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