airoli-e-4The Airoli by elections once uncover the ugly side of Navi Mumbai suppressed and kept under cover but is true but concerning. Despite being a node of 21st century – Navi Mumbai Airoli remains a wild city of crimes that is increasing making it an unsafe and insecure node. And for the first time terror that grips the area has been made an issue on the political agenda during elections. The questions remains – is the voter going to vote for terror or progress. It is a fact that Airoli residents will vouch for – the node reels under the brutal shadow of criminal-turned-politicians and harbors crime that is increasingly making it unsafe with time. The terror of political bloodbaths at Airoli has seen murder of three corporators – Pappu Sawant, Meena More and Devidas Chougule. Senior journalist Vikas Mahadik says that it was after NMMC was established that the greed for political power brought out the worst crimes in the city. To make an army, political criminals deploy unemployed youth of slums and villages. When the police failed to book criminals in the guise of politicians, criminals became so robust that two men in uniform – Baba Saheb Adau and Gopal Saidane were killed. Evidently when both public representatives and police officials looked vulnerable to the worst of crimes, a fear has settled in the minds of residents at Airoli. Two wards in Airoli are going for by elections the terror factor has been taken as the fighting factor on the battle ground. Even Navi Mumbai’s first Mayor Sanjeev Naik accepts the fact that fear and terror are the main agenda. Despite Airoli being a node with pluses like connectivity to Thane and Mulund, close to an industrial belt and well planned, terror is an ugly reality. Terror has hurdled progress as residents face long hours of load shedding, civic grievances and pollution. Off late reports are that many residents want to sell off homes and shift to safer locale. However, there is finally a ray of hope as for the 1st time, terror and fear has been taken up in the agenda of the battle for ward no. 2 and 7 at Airoli. The voter finally has an opportunity to make a new beginning even if it’s a small one by choosing the right candidate and the right party. The voter must exercise his right to vote – he has to decide who stands for progress and who for terror. For it is the voter who will have to live with his choice and decision till the next elections. From Airoli, Zeba Warsia for NMTV News.


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