hanuman-nagar-1Reeling under highly pathetic conditions and being bank opposite the Turbhe dumping ground, Hanuman Nagar is vulnerable to be hit by an epidemic. Hanuman Nagar at Turbhe is crying for authorities attention. For the doctors here however, the situation means just business. Within the past one month the health situated has deteriorated so much that seven days ago a 16-year-old girl along with two others lost their lives due to severe brain fever. Seeing the number of clinics in Hanuman Nagar one can easily assume under what conditions the people of this area are reeling under. All the doctors’ clinics are seen packed with patients. Even the smallest clinics have made arrangements for admitting patients for glucose or and various other kinds of treatment to not let any patient go back. Even though most of the doctors here hold BAMS degrees, due to the situation they are facing, the poor at Hanuman Nagar make a beeline to these doctors. When the locals spotted our team they rushed to speak to our Correspondent hoping for some relief. According to them after with the dumping ground so close to their slums, the number of diseases has become more widespread. They say that no household is free from an affected ill person. Unfortunately for the city of the 21st century, where on one side one can see a picture of rapid urbanization and development, on the other side there are places like Hanuman Nagar where one can see no difference between humans and animals. The doctors here informed that most patients are suffering from diseases like malaria, chicken guinea, skin infections, dengue and the likes. The most spread disease here is malaria. Navi Mumbai News spoke with some of the patients. The local corporator along with other local leaders arrived and assured of taking out a morcha soon. They say that since Koperkhairane has rich people residing there, the dumping ground has been shifted to Turbhe. The most important point is that the Turbhe Dumping Ground was shifted on the promise by NMMC to fulfill norms of Urban Solid Waste Management Rules and developing the dumping ground here scientifically. However, yet another miserably failed attempt has resulted in locals of HN living in conditions worse than hell.


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