To keep up with the spirit of divinity and celebrations, the city now observes another holy period as Ramadan – the month when Muslims observe fasts has begun round the globe. The month of Ramadan as elsewhere in the world has also started in the city. The Muslims during this month fast without intake of any food or water from dawn to dusk. The Muslims consider this as the most auspicious month. The month of Ramadan holds a very deep meaning for people, the purpose of which only is to accentuate and bring out the goodness in man. Many people confuse Ramadan as a period that requires the giving up of food and water from dawn to dusk. However, this connotation only begins to realize the meaning of the season. The holy month of Ramadan requires all fasters to abstain from any evil action. The observation of this life style for a month is expected to inculcate itself in human beings in such a way that it remains there. Added to this, the month aims at instilling in people empathy towards the needy and will to donate a part of excess wealth in the form of food or clothes to people. The true observation of the month teaches people to be humble and broad-minded in their outlook. Time and again, the medicinal purposes of Ramadan are also highlighted as doctors point out that Ramadan is the best way of releasing body toxins and fatty substances from the blood. There is definitely a lot more to the holy month than what meets the eye.

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