Turbe-water-probalm-4Forget all promises of 24 hours water supply. The city has faced the worst – due to acute water shortage, residents of Turbhe are forces to drink water from city gutters. When the city awaited for 24 hours water supply from Morbe Dam with every passing month, the worst happened. A failed state subjected city residents to 3 days of acute water shortage. While most days of the week, the supply is erratic – the worst days are perhaps Thursday, Friday and Saturday when there is barely 1 hour water supply or no water supply at all. But there are some nodes in the city that are going through the worst water crisis nightmares that should be a shame for the NMMC administration. Reason being this – residents of Turbhe collecting water from the gutters for urgent domestic needs. NMMC supplies water to Turbhe from the MIDC water supply. However, the residents have not had any water supply for nearly 3 days in a row. Reportedly locals ran out of patience and even gheraod Mayor Anjani Bhoir during a public function at Turbhe. The locals say that water crisis has made life impossible especially for women. Leaders and authorities who boast of 24 hours water supply need to attend to residents grievances or find a solution to the water crisis of the city. Clean water is the fundamental right of every citizen of the country. Residents using gutter water is unacceptable. No one can then blame these residents when they say, “Shame of NMMC administration”. With cameraperson Rajendra Prasad, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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