It’s summer vacations !!! The best time to pursue your hobby of reading

It’s summer vacations and students as well as college-goers are finding different options to while away their time. One of the most favorite option for all is libraries which see a huge turn of book readers during this time.

Libraries seem to be one of the favourite options that people prefer to spend time during summer. Many kids prefer reading comics and other fiction books during this time as they are not allowed to read during the course of their academic year. Even the parents are comparatively free as they don’t have to run around their kids. Many parents also ensure that their kids develop reading habits as its increases their vocabulary and knowledge. In an attempt to avoid the children from sitting at home watching television all the time, many parents also enroll their kids to the libraries so as to keep them engaged, which also increases their knowledge. Students and children have their range of selections from comics to fiction which include famous books of “dinosaurs”, “barbie”, “snow white”, books of “sherlock holmes”, “dora”, and “vampires”.

Reading helps to improve concentration, memory, creativity and reduce boredom. Books are fun, yet educational. They prove to be an alternative to internet or television, proving to be a good companion to the child.

With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Anusha Venkat for NMTV News.

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