vaction-2Its fun time for kids as the schools has dispersed them for the vacation and looks like they are making the most of it this summer. Its’ vacation time and its time for camps, classes, dance, arts, and holidays. Children now have a large variety of options when it comes to different activities ranging from sports to nature to other hobby classes. There are camps carrying out activities including swimming, football, basketball, badminton and almost every sport under the sun. There are also various hobby classes like art, dance and music. Children are also learning to be one with nature by going for treks and outdoor camps. Inspite of this they are always taking out time for their friends and gardens and parks are packed n the evenings. Youngsters are also making a beeline for malls and other outlets with Mcdonalds, and CCD being among the favourites. And to top it all, with the exams behind them, everyone is back to watching their favourite channels, sitcoms and of course, the IPL matches. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, R Parvathi for NMTV News.

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