Sagar-naik-attackIt’s unfortunate but it has happened. The Congress and Shiv Sena corporators that sit as the opposition parties in NMMC damaged public property and got all violent while staging their protest. The opposition corporators and ruling corporators then had a face off, which made this general body meeting a black lettered day for a democratic set up in Navi Mumbai. We bring to you all that happened and should not happen with this exclusive top report this weekend. Violence, abuse, foul language, disrespect of general body meeting, damaging public property thereby wasting public funds was the order of this week’s general body meeting. The opposition corporators of the Congress and Shiv Sena set a wrong example of keeping their say. The drama started when the proposal for constituting a cleanliness committee for the city was brought for approval. The opposition corporators protested that the proposal was brought as an urgent proposal post lunch. However, getting all violent, Shiv Sena’s Opposition Leader Manoj Haldankar and Sr. Congress corporator Dashrath Bhagat started tearing agenda papers and throwing it in the house. They did not stop here and started pulling out the mikes from the benches and hurling it in the air and towards the Mayor. It was then that the unexpected and unfortunate happened and the mike that Dashrath Bhagat was hurling hit the Mayor Sagar Naik on his arm. The moment the ruling corporators saw that the first citizen of the city was hit during the entire violent drama of Manoj Haldankar and Dashrath Bhagat, they got angry. Both the sides then had a face off in the form of heated arguments and debate. Seeing the temperatures rise, Dashrath Bhagat and other Congress corporators chose to escape out of the house even as the NCP corporators demanded an explanation from Opposition Leader Manoj Haldankar for the violent protest where the Mayor got hurt. The young Mayor Sagar Naik who is the first Mayor to become a victim of violent protest in NMMC looked shaken after the incident. The Chief Medical Officer of NMMC Dr. Deepak Paropkari was called in for first aid while the broken mikes and torn agenda papers told the tale of how the general body meeting proceedings became a black lettered day for democracy. Inside the hall, Leader of the House Vithal More informed the media about the incident and said that he was witness to the mikes being hurled at the Mayor. He condemned the violent style of protest by Dashrath Bhagat and Manoj Haldankar. The ruling front said that they would move a proposal for suspension of corporators who protested violently. On the other hand, the Mayor Sagar Naik accompanied by Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate was rushed to the NMMC Hospital at Vashi. The Mayor’s arm was checked at the Trauma Care Center of NMMC. Speaking to NMTV News, Dy. Mayor Bharat Nakhate, who witnessed the entire incident said that had the Mayor been sitting and not standing at the time the mike was hurled, he could have sustained more serious injuries. Back at CBD, a political drama ensued as the ruling party corporators filed a complaint against Dashrath Bhagat and Manoj Haldankar for damaging public property and disrupting government work. The police arrested the duo. In retaliation, the Congress and Shiv Sena corporators started demanding that a case be filed against the ruling corporators too. Speaking to the media, Dashrath Bhagat claimed that allegations against him were false. In order to mount the pressure on the police to file a complaint against NCP corporators, leaders of the opposition parties including Vijay Chougule, Suresh Haware and Congress MLA Prashant Thakur arrived at the CBD Police Station and met the police. On the other hand, MP Dr. Sanjeev Naik and MLA Sandeep Naik too arrived at the police station to hear their corporators and meet the police demanding action against the corporators who attacked the Mayor. Even as the ruling front corporators and leader left the CBD Police Station around mid night, the opposition corporators sat outside on protest against the police while their leaders spoke to the police inside. The next day both Dashrath Bhagat and Manoj Haldankar were released on bail after giving a bond of Rs. 15000 to the court. Choosing violent methods to keep their say in meetings by opposition corporators is becoming the order of the day. In this case, the opposition corporrators of Shiv Sena and Congress protested a proposal meant to constitute a cleanliness committee when scores of public welfare proposals are approved without any demand for discussions by the same opposition corporators. It may be recalled that prior to the general body meeting, Sr. Congress Corporator Dashrath had also done a similar drama during one of the Standing Committee meetings by hurling chair, agenda papers and mike in the meeting. What’s unfortunate Dashrath Bhagat seems to have forgotten that he belongs to the Congress party that believes in the Gandhian values of non-violence and the Congress and NCP form the democratic front government in the state. In such a scenario, injuring NCP’s Mayor Sagar Naik will not be appreciated by Sr. leaders of the Congress party in the state. The opposition corporators’s protest not only was against democratic values but even wasted public funds as public property was damaged during the protest.

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