bjp-meet-3Speaking on the issue of Amarnath Shrine Board at a meeting, BJP’s General Secretary Arun Jaithli called Congress the supporter of naxalites and stated that the Jammu conflict was not a religious fight but indicates a fight between regionalism and naxal. Trying to make the Amarnath Shrine Board as their issue for the upcoming elections, BJP took over a different stance this time. Under their campaigning, BJP has decided to hold a meet with intellectuals. During the meet, the BJP plans to discuss the truth of the issue and will ask them to further inform and educate the people about this truth. For the same a meet was held in Mumbai. BJP’ General Secretary Arun Jaitheli presided over the meet. Present along with him were BJP State President Nitin Gadkari, former Central Railway Minister Ram Naik, Ex MP Jayantiben Mehta and Mumbai State BJP President Gopal Shetty. Making some serious allegations against the Congress, Nitin Gadkari said that the Congress only used Muslims. They offered some low rank posts and jobs and further sheltered terror creating people of the community to maintain a divide and hold on the minority votes. On the other hand when Aurn Jethli started speaking on the issue of the Amarnath Shrine Board, it looked like he had done his homework. Giving his support on the Amarnath Shrine Board, called it the consequence of the Central govt, state govt and the High Court’s previous decisions. He stated that if land is not allotted for the Jammu Shrine Board, then it would be going against the decisions of the Central and State Board and also the High Court decision. He said that the weak administration by the Dr. Manmohan Singh led government was responsible for bringing issues in Jammu and Kashmir to such worse situations that India might loose the state. Speaking to the media he said that the Amarnath Shrine issue was not an election agenda for them but had to do with the nation. According to Jaitly, Mayawati was less threat to them and more to Congress. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Rajeev Mishra for NMTV News.


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