Comedian Jaspal Bhatti has formed his own political outfit, Recession Party, and has decided to field candidates in all six Lok Sabha seats in Mumbai. “We are suffering from recession and hence the name Recession Party,” says humorist Jaspal Bhatti, as he plans to highlight the plight of the common man with his new party. According to the comedian he has taken this step after a lot of thinking. Ask him who is their Prime Ministerial candidate and Bhatti says that he himself is the Prime Ministerial candidate. The Recession party plans to bring down leading comedians of the Indian film and television industry like Ehsan Qureshi and other for the elections Bhatti, who is the founder-President of the party, said that he has also written to the Election Commission that his candidates would be contesting the elections. Being at his humor-best, Jaspal Bhatti talks about all that he thinks of the elections and in comic style replies to all questions of the media. Asked about the agenda of polls, he said that the candidates would not be spending and they would take help of the people on contesting. For funds, in view of the ongoing economic recession, the party will depend on the generosity of donors, Bhatti added. Earlier, while launching the party in another state, Bhatti had demanded a quota in parliament and other institutions for the

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