Is Kurkure bad for your health? Do soft drinks kill away the bones of your body? Are certain medicines deadly if consumed on a regular basis? Many of us are seeking for answers to know of indeed these reports are true. To the fact ourselves we met city doctor Uday Jadhav. Get to know the facts with this report. Todays generation is more or less a junk food generation we can say. There are many things which we eat in our daily life due to unawareness of its side-effect. But what are the real facts behind eating junk food. This is what Dr. Uday Jadhav has to say. DO JUNK FOOD REALLY HAVE ADDITIVES SO THAT ONE CAN GET ADDICTED TO IT? Dr. Uday Jadhav says that while junk food is an easy way to eat a lot of calories and unhealthy saturated fats, it does not have additives. DOES KURKURE CONTAIN PLASTIC? Kurkure is claimed to have plastic and this is said to have been proven when one burns kurkure. It is said to melt like plastic. When our team performed this test, we could see kurkure dripping like plastic, however, Dr. Uday Jadhav says that this has not been scientifically proven. DO SODT DRINKS MELT AWAY THE BONES IN ONES BODY? Soft drinks are carbonated and rich in phosphoric acids. While they do not break the bones, they weaken it by eating away the calcium from the bones. IS THE COMBINATION OF MENTOES AND SOFT DRINKS DEADLY? This experiment was also tried by us where mentoes was put in a carbonated drink and what followed was an immediate burst of frizz. Many reports claimed that this combination hence was deadly for the body. Dr. Uday Jadhav informed that it is more of a physical reaction that chemical. CONSUMING PAINKILLERS, COUGH AND COLD TABLETS IS INJURIOUS TO HEALTH? Dr. Uday Jadhav says that there are some medicines when consumed regularly can even cause heart diseases. While junk food may still remain a part of the our generation and future generations to come, we need a firm determination to remove the bad food habit we have so that we can lead a healthy and happy life. With cameraperson Abhay Prasad, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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