gdcr-1Social Activist Sandeep Thakur has won against NMMC in the GDCR forgery case. These clauses that will now be removed from the GDCR could have created a havoc and mess in the city. It is a shame on all the corporators of the present house who were informed about the forgery but did not care one bit to take it up with the administration. It took a social activist to take up the matter in court. The case has exposes that either the corporators had selfish motives for ignoring the forgery or lacked interest to understand the gravity of it. We were the first to report to you about the forgery in the GDCR of NMMC that was exposed by way of a RTI by social activist Sandeep Thakur in our report telecasted on May 9th 2009. Once the forgery came to light, Sandeep Thakur took up the matter with Commissioner Vijay Nahata while your channel spoke to several senior corporators about it. The issue was very grave in nature as the two clauses in questions were of “Mixed Use’ and “Change of Use” in the GDCR. Both the clauses were included in the GDCR after the General Body meeting and prima facie, with a motive to benefit the builders lobby. Senior corporators who were present in the general body meeting of March 2006 recalled that they had in fact not approved any proposal that did include “Change of Use” and “Mixed Use” clauses. Unfortunately despite NMTV News bringing the forgery to the attention of these senior corporators, none had the conscience to take up the matter with the NMMC administration. Forgery meant that the rights of the general body were not just trespassed by the administration but the two clauses that were added would have had a far reaching impact on the present infrastructure of Navi Mumbai. None of this however seemed to have mattered to the so-called senior corporators of NMMC. When NMMC failed to give explanation over the forgery, Sandeep Thakur filed a case in High Court. During the last hearing the High Court asked NMMC to present the record of documents that would have proved that there was no forgery done in the case. But NMMC had no documentary proof of this and hence the High Court gave the decision that upheld the pleadings of the petitioner Sandeep Thakur. He added that the aim of including these clauses were perhaps to benefit the builders lobby and even politicians. When questioned why senior corporators who were informed about the forgery never took up the matter with the administration, Sandeep Thakur said that he was surprised why the present corporators of the General Body didn’t take such a grave matter seriously. He says that corporators on the contrary should have demanded an enquiry in the matter. The High Court order endorses that the administration had forged the clauses in the GDCR. This case has brought to light one of the most corrupt sides of the NMMC administration that somewhere stooped to new levels to benefit the builders lobby even if it was at the cost of forgery in government office or turning planned city Navi Mumbai into Ulhasnagar. The present house of corporators, specifically the ruling NCP at NMMC has demonstrated apathy towards public welfare by ignoring this issue. Hats off to social activist Sandeep Thakur for single handedly fighting in the interest of Navi Mumbai against corrupt officials and corporators. If social activists like Sandeep Thakur are going to do the work that corporators are suppose to do as public representatives, then the corporators do not deserve to sit in NMMC – shame on all the corporators of the Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation. Here is your chance now that NMMC Elections are coming, we appeal to all our viewers to vote for a candidate who is educated, responsible, accessible and accountable. With NMTV Managing Editor Zeba Warsia, Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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