justice-on-wheel-5Justice on Wheel – that’s the new central scheme designed to make legal help available to the poor in the state. The Mobile Legal Services-cum Lok Adalat scheme had reached Vashi village. NMTV Correspondent Shilpa Suryavanshi visited the village to check out the van for a report. As the Mumbai High Court is burdened with the huge number of legal cases and petition, Central Government has started Mobile Legal Services-cum-Lok Adalat Scheme whereby justice would reach to the doorsteps of the people. This is the first of its own kind initiatives taken in Maharashtra by the Central Government. This van is provided with all required facilities of court. In far off places where people are exploited to core but their voiced go unheard, for them this scheme would prove as a boon, as the matter may not resolve in jiffy but at least they will get appropriate guidance for the course of action they can take to attain justice. An advocate of the Mumbai High Court explained about the initiative and purpose This team member of Mobile Van consists of retired or serving judicial officer, advocate, law students, and social worker of the said area. They will try to resolve the maximum issues. This Mobile Van will go in all the districts of Maharashtra whereby the information of rights and remedies regarding implementation of any legislation, welfare scheme can be provided. All the locals and villagers will be in position to derive the benefit. People who had grievances seemed happy with the scheme: The motto of this scheme is

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