Chota-hawaldar-2He does not come in the category of child labor but 14 year old Sanjay Sharma, popularly known as Chota Hawaldar is a favorite of cops and locals at Kandivli. We’ll not be surprised if you will be shocked to see a child monitoring traffic at a chaotic traffic junction at Kandivli. This isn’t child labor but pure passion of 14-year-old boy Sanjay Sharma that brings him back to controlling traffic at Kandivali. Cops, rickshawallahs and locals call him ‘Chota Hawaldar’. He wears a khaki uniform lent to him by the traffic department and works 12 hours a day. And don’t dare break traffic rules when he is around, for if you do you are in store for an earful. He stays in the slums of Damupadda, Borivali and has been controlling traffic since he was six years old. His alcoholic father used to harass him for money. Fed up, Sanjay began controlling traffic instead of begging. Chota Hawaldar is however, very camera shy. The traffic department has tried enrolling him in school, but Sanjay comes right back to the jams, helping out traffic cops at peak hour. For his innocence and passion, Sanjay is a local favorite. In 2007, Sanjay worked all 365 days in the year without a single absentee. What can we say but hats off to the spirit of the young lad. Shailendra Upadhyay – NMTV News.


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