deonar-dumpingThe crucial proposal to partially close the Deonar dumping ground, which was rejected by the civic standing committee last month, may not be shelved after all. The same standing committee members that had rejected the proposal, gave the thumbs up to the new landfill site to be created at Kanjurmarg, exactly along the same lines as the Deonar dump. Speaking to NMTV News, MCGM Standing Committee Chairman Ravindra Waikar informed that they were supposed to process only 1,000 metric tonnes of garbage of the 4,000 metric tonnes that they get. The remaining was to be sent to the bio-reactor landfill. Six years later, the compost was to be sold and the non-degradable material was to be taken care of by the company. He stated that as per the Central Govt orders and directives from the Supreme Court, the waste needed to be segregated. Officials are now hopeful that the clearance of the Kanjurmarg proposal will pave the way for the partial closure of the ground in Deonar. Last month, the standing committee had deferred the project detailing the partial closure of the Deonar dump, and converting the remaining land into a sanitary landfill site. The standing committee had demanded fresh tenders on the grounds that the existing format, which involves payment of an annual tipping fee of Rs 44 crore for disposing of and processing 2,000 metric tonnes of garbage every day, was not sustainable. However, the same standing committee, in a surprising Uturn, directed the civic administration to make just a few changes to the Kanjurmarg dumping ground proposal. They said they would clear it on June 6 after the changes were incorporated. With cameraperson Roshan Hate, Hansraj Kanaujia for NMTV News.

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