rekha-mahatre-1NMTV News had earlier telecasted how the Congress corporator from ward no. 89 Eknath Tandel had failed in doing justice to the issues of ward and how the locals had spoken out saying that they were not satisfied with their corporator’s work. The poor performance of the Congress corporator is now forcing villagers to discuss their issues with the NCP candidate contesting from this ward Rekha Mhatre. During her campaign rallies, Rekha Mhatre is being briefed by villagers of Karave about their issues, which she promised to resolve if villagers elect Rekha Matre to power in NMMC elections. This is a ward where villagers and locals have a list of grievances from their sitting Congress Corporator Eknath Tandel. It may be recalled that even NMTV News had brought to you these issues in our ward report. That’s why it didn’t come as a surprise that when NCP candidate from this ward no. 89 Rekha Mhatre went door door in the village for her campaigning, she was inundated with complaints and grievances by locals. From issues of water to gutters – the ward suffer from it all. An example is the Saiwadi area of Karave village which is directly connected to the Palm Beach Road. The gutters in this area are choked to the T and even the water pipelines pass through gutters. Garbage is strewn everywhere and even gutters water seeps into the houses of the residents forcing them to live in such unhygienic conditions. The other shock that we got when we toured the ward was that one of the gutters which was built just 8 months back is lying is a dilapidated conditions questioning the quality of work of the gutter. The locals are not satisfied with their corporator. They say that it is only during election period that their corporator visit them, feigning to listen to their problems while the entire five years they hardly pay any attention to their problems. It is election time again and the corporator of the ward is once again knocking the doors of the residents asking for votes. Some residents made grave allegations saying that when they support the rallies of other party candidates, the sitting corporator threatens them. One of the locals even alleged that the little bit of work that was done in the ward was done due to the personal intervention of former NMMC Standing Committee Chairman Sandeep Naik and the credit of that too was taken by the sitting corporator. There are open cable wires spread on streets spelling dangerous for senior citizens and children. While the proposal for shifting the cable wires underground was passed, looking at the seriousness of the matter, an alternate solution should have been sought. The locals said that they want change in leadership in their ward which they will do by way of the upcoming municipal elections. After listening to the problems of the residents, NCP candidate Rekha Mhatre spoke to the media about the problems of the people. She assured that if the voters voted for her, then she would solve their grievances and problems providing them an atmosphere of relief. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.


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