khandeswarAnother railway station that has just been constructed but lacks the basic connectivity and facility is the Khandeshwar railway station. The commuters at the Khandeshwar railway station are questioning today the planning of CIDCO before the construction of Khandeshwar railway station. If so residents wouldn’t be facing somany problems. All station in Navi Mumbai are close to the residential nodes and the Sion-Panvel Highway but the residential node of Khanda Colony is situated almost at a distance of 1.5 km from Khandeshwar station. More than 16000 commuters use this station on a daily basis. CIDCO partially developed the station two years back but the basic facilities still lack in the station. The public address system like indicators and announcements are non functional. Toilets, drinking water and parking areas are not yet made available. Platforms one and two are functional but third and fourth are yet to be constructed. CR plies more than 180 up-down services on CST-Panvel-Andheri lines, which cater to the need of commuters. But due to improper connectivity between station and residential node, commuters remain stranded at the station premises. Khanda Colony lacks infrastructural and transport facilities. As none of the public transport buses enter Khandeshwar station, commuters have to walk or use private vehicles for commuting and park their vehicles at owners’ risks at the station. Autos plying to and fro station charge exorbitant rates without meters and carry five passengers per trip. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Anil More for NMTV News.


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