karghar-1A spate of robberies within a span of three hours has sent shock waves in the rather peaceful node of Kharghar. While the residents are still dealing with exorbitant auto fares due to the auto mafia and lack of bus frequency amongst other problems, robberies and thefts have now given them sleepless nights. For the past several months, Kharghar node has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. Be it monopoly of auto men, lack of frequency of buses or chain snatching, the residents live in worry. The residential node of Kharghar is deprived of safety for women and senior citizen and today they are a worried lot. The problem of security has become grim in the region when news of a spat of robberies within a span of three hours was reported from the node. A 30-year-old film editor, Harshwardhan Nayar, fell victim to the first robbery. And the police realised that two more persons were also targeted by the same gang around the same time when Nayar went to the police station to lodge a complaint. Around 1.30 am, Nayar was returning home in an auto-rickshaw and had reached Sector 20, when suddenly a group of three riding a motorcycle stopped the vehicle. They pulled the driver out and beat him up before snatching his mobile and wallet at gunpoint. Nayar was so shocked with the incident that he says that he will think twice before traveling in the night in Kharghar. The two other robberies that took place in Kharghar were in Sector 12 and near the railway station. Another resident spoke about her experience. Lack of police security in the node has encouraged burglars and chain snatchers to carry on their illegal activities. Just 24 hours prior to this a jewellery shop in sector 13 of Kharghar was robbed of jewelry worth rupees 70 lakhs. In this incident too 3 robbers had come on bike. There is one policeman for 1000 citizens in Kharghar. This proportion starkly states the lack of police staff for the node. We approached the Senior Police Inspector at Kharghar, Kiran Patil to know the measures being taken by the police to control the crime rate in the node. The senior inspector inturn asked the residents to be precautious. He suggested some of the precautionary measures for residents. He also informed about the deployment of police force in the region. It is really unfortunate that just recently the Home Minister R R Patil had handed over new hi tech vehicles to the Navi Mumbai Police for controlling crime in the city and year after year the manpower in the police force is also being increased. While patrolling in the nights in nodes like Kharghar becomes imperative, it is a complete failure of the Navi Mumbai Police that law and order situation is becoming worse in nodes like Kharghar by the day. With cameraperson Satish Garud, Shilpa Suryawanshi for NMTV News.

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