pond1The educational institutes and tall towers at Kharghar while showcases a rich and beautiful Kharghar here is something that you must see. A creek located in this node is more of a death trap. More than 50 locals of the mode of have become victims of this death trap. Known as an educational city, Kharghar is also famous for its picnic spots like Pandav Khada and Belpada. However, these picnic spots have even witnessed many deaths. One of the ponds that is rapidly becoming infamous is the Kharghar-Belpada artificial pond. Situated a few kilometers away from Bhartiya Vidhyapeeth campus, nestling in the hills, this man-made pond has claimed an estimated fifty lives in the last few years. Locals also inform that there was no pond a decade ago but quarrying in the area led to the formation of several craters. Some people in collision with the authorities stole mud from this area. After that rainwater filled up the hole and thus the pond was formed. There is also a board put up near the pond which is clearly ignored by the picnickers. The local villagers have appealed that CIDCO should fill up the spot with mud. While CIDCO has erected a notice board prohibiting any kind of picnicking in the area, it has failed to station a security guard. Sources reveal that a security guard was initially placed at the spot but that was only during the rainy season and was not seen when out team visited the spot. The authorities would have to arrive to a solution as soon as possible so that lives are no longer lost due to this killer pond. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Sudhir Sharma for NMTV News.

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