khoj-melaKhoj 2010 – a landmark in science festivals across the country will be hosted in Navi Mumbai for the second year in a row. The Vigyaan Mela or Science Festival is the brainchild of DAV Center for Creative Education’s Regional Director Dr. K B Kushal. We met him to get an exclusive insight on Khoj 2010 that explores the talents of young scientists in the country and unravels the mysteries of science. Details with our weekend exclusive. Science, as a subject stands for constant renovation, ideation and amalgamation of the past, present, and future for a better, newer and futuristic generation to come. Today, science is also about preserving nature and handing over a better environment to the generations to come. Under DAV Group’s Regional Director Dr. K B Kushal’s dynamic leadership DAV Center for Creative Education’s Khoj – one of the most popular science festivals of the country has become all of this and more. In the past luminaries and eminent educationists have participated in the festival. This includes Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal, DAV Managing Committee’s President Padmabhushan G P Chopraji, DAV Center for Creative Education’s Director Dr. K B Kushal and Vice President of DAV College Managing Committee Y S Rajan who is an eminent scientist and author. In inaugural addresses during the festival, Dr. K B Kushal has always emphasized that growth of science and technology alone is not enough for peace and harmony but building the right human perspective towards science is equally important. On the other hand, Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal was impressed with the very concept of Khoj. Kapil Sibal shared his Antarctica experience with the audience. The atmosphere created in the host DAV Schools every year during Khoj brought out many scientific and inspiring confessions by Kapil Sibal. Dr. Y S Rajan has been a regular visitor at Khoj. The eminent scientist is also an author. His many works include a book he co-authored with former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam. Over 1000 students from India and abroad participate in Khoj every year and display science projects created right from the thought process and imagination of the young scientists. Every year, Khoj is organized with a theme. Last year keeping with the International Year of Astronomy, the theme was Space while this year it is going to be Bio-Diversity. Science enthusiasts, teachers, students, parents have all got down to work for the putting up their best on October 1 and 2nd – when Khoj 2010 will be celebrated in DAV Public School, New Panvel. The purpose of Khoj is to take science education beyond the classroom. According to Dr. K B Kushal, Khoj is a Vigyaan Mela – a science festival to celebrate the talents of young scientists. He adds that it is a platform for students to learn beyond the classroom. Every year Khoj gives an opportunity to students to interact with scholars and scientists; something that will help children harness their theoretical knowledge to re-create, re-invent and re-discover the realms and mysterious of science. That is why its once again a pride for Navi Mumbai – that for the second year in a row Navi Mumbai will play host to one of the nation’s most popular science festival – Khoj 2010. Conceived ten years ago Khoj is an attempt to further the course of exploration of science beyond the realms of classroom teaching. Come October 1st and once again young scientists from all over the country will come to Navi Mumbai to experience, explore and express the different facets of science. Drop in with your kid at the festival to witness how; under the dynamic leadership of Dr. K B Kushal, DAV Center for Creative Education is making young minds unravel mysteries of science and achieve educational excellence in a fun-filled atmosphere at this very venue. From DAV Public School, New Panvel – with cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi – Sana Warsia for NMTV News.

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