mangoes1While there aren’t many reasons to look forward to summer – there is one that does beat all the complaints of the heat during the season. Yes, its mangoes. All the types of delicious mangoes have hit the market and what better way to forget the heat than to indulge in some romance with this king of fruits. Find out what this season of mango has to offer with this report. The choicest fruit of Hindustan For garden’s pride the mango is sought; Ere ripe, other fruits to cut we ban, But mango serves us ripe or not. Mangoes have hit the APMC market in all sizes and shapes. However, compared to last year, the production of mango has only been 40% and despite being the mid season 70% mango production has happened with only 21% of crops remaining. Since the production of mangoes is low, the prices are higher with a box of general mangoes ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 800 and those of higher quality being above Rs 800. Low production of mangoes is being attributed to climatic change and also as many more than 50% of the supply received in APMC market is infected. The most popular variety is none other than Alphonsa. Other varieties include Keri, Langda, ‘Dashehari’, Totapari and Lal baug. Despite this pinch to their pocket, people are not refraining from buying it. Mangoes are also known as the Common man’s health healer. Yes, Mango’s are one of our ancient agro product and the fruit finds its name in our epics Ramayana & Mahabharatha. With its rich vitamins A, B1m B2 and originated from our ancient India over 4,000 years ago. So whether you call Aam, manga, kokilananda or adishelarayam-you’ll have different names for mango but the same opinion – that it is the

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