circus-1While once upon a time circus was the main attraction in the city, the situation is quite different now. The glitters of malls and multiplexes have overshadowed this entertainment, reports Jan Cabral as he visits the circus at Sanpada. The Kohinoor Circus being held in Sanpada seems to lack crowd. When we visited the circus, despite being a weekend, the crowd was just trailing in with many of the seats empty. However, the little crowd that was present seemed to enjoy the African troupe dancing, a young boy blowing fire from his mouth, an elephant playing cricket, motor cycle dare devils and girls doing stunt with bicycles and rings. The most who enjoyed themselves were the children. BYTES OF CHILDREN – 37:17 to 38:55 There was a time when circus used to be known as the main attraction of the city. Residents used to come in hordes to watch the animals and troupes perform their tricks and cheer with them. However, today with the shine and shimmer of malls and multiplexes, this entertainment has become a thing of the past. BYTE – 38:57 to 39:33 / 44:07 to 44:55 / 45:48 to 46:40 Despite the challenges that modern means of entertainment pose to running circuses, hats off to the people and artists who still remain passionately attached to this industry. With cameraman Kala Jadhav Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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