Even as the city delved in Raksha Bandhan celebrations, Nariyal Purnima celebrations too added to the revels of the celebrations. Nariyal Purnima was celebrated traditionally all over the city. One could see hundreds delving into the revels of the festival. This festival is important for those who depend on sea for their life. On this day the Sea God, Varun is worshiped. The coconuts are offered to the Sea God thus the name Narial purnima or the coconut full moon is derived. It is the time of retreating monsoon. The skies are clearing, the tides are receding, the sea is less violent. It is the festival time for the people of the coastal areas. For the fishermen it is the beginning of the new fishing season. During the monsoon the seas are more violent. The fishermen don’t wade into seas during this time. The Fishermen decorate their boats, paint it new and put flags. They then carry decorated coconuts to the sea. It is kind of a community gathering there. They celebrate together, sing and dance together. In the end they worship the Sea God and offer coconut. The decorated coconuts are thrown in the water with prayers of a plentiful fish catch. Indeed the celebrations of the day acknowledged the fact that Navi Mumbai deeply values the Indian tradition and culture.


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