Kolu-1Navratri – the festival of joy is celebrated with the enthusiasm with people from all regions coming together for celebrations. Navi Mumbai News Correspondent Monika Bhosale brings to you a special report highlighting the style of celebration of the south. Navratri – the nine sacred nights is one of the most celebrated festivals of India. In the south, Navratri is the occassion to invite all the friends, relatives and neighbors over to home to look at the Kolu that is arranged. Every year the young girls in the house along with their mothers vie with each other to create a Kolu with a different look. All the nine days are a non-stop entertainment period with songs and dances. Kolu is the festival of dolls, sundal, kolam and singing. Its fun time as young girls with their mothers buy dolls and arranging them on the kolu steps. During Navaratri women prepare sweets and other savouries. In fact, Navratri is considered a women’s festival, when people come to a house to see the kolu, they are given prasad kungumum, and a small bag of gifts usually containing a mirror, a comb, a small box of kungumum, and fruits. Arranging dolls is fun. Eating sundal is fun. Spending time with family friends and relatives during kolu is fun. And so for young girls its that time of the year when they just go ahead and have a rockin’ kolu. Shrishti Iyer captured this fun in a song.

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