kopri-gaon-nala-2The villagers of Vashi’s Kopri Village are inconvenienced due to the open nallahs or drains in their area. Here is a report. The villagers of Kopri village say that due to the unchecked dumping of debris in open nallahs or drains, more often than not they are overflowing leading to the filth coming out on roads and near homes. Add to this the bad odor due to the open nallahs, and one can have the perfect recipe for several diseases and inconvenience. Locals say that NMMC awarded the tender of cleaning the drains here to one contractor who has never executed his work properly. They say that several illegally built toilets are adding to the unhygienic conditions. While they have appealed to the administration to look into this grave civic issue taking a toll on their health, the local corporator of the area Vilas Bhoir sleeps on the problems of his ward. Sources allege Vilas Bhoir has been neglecting all the burning issues of his ward, as he is busy raising issues only of vested interests.

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