Despite the state and BMC’s clean and green drive, there are many places of the city which are reeling under deplorable condition. One such is the Kurla Terminus. The frustrated locals blame the authorities for their apathy and negligence. This visual is not that of a dumping ground but of the very busy node of the city, the Kurla Terminus. More than hundreds of commuters use this Terminus daily. Looking at the garbage and debris strewn all around, one can realize the failure of the state in carrying out its clean and green Mumbai drive. Foul smell and dirt is all that can be seen felt here. We spoke to some of the residents about their concerns who blamed BMC for the deplorable state of the Kurla terminus. This is just one of the many places where BMC’s assurance of clean and green Mumbai has failed to reach. It is necessary that the civic body takes this as a priority and fulfil the dream of a Clean and Green Mumbai.with cameraperson Santosh Bodhare, Mushtag Khan for NMTV News.

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