fishermanThe state is taking up measures to equip local fishermen with identification cards and access cards for coastal vigil of the city. However, how much will these measures help to safeguard our coastlines from infiltrators is still a million dollar question. After the shocking truth that was slapped on Coast Guard that terrorist of the recent Mumbai terror attack had entered from the sea route through Gujarat, the state is taking all measures to tighten security in the area. The state has decided to provide smart cards to the fishermen operating on the India-Pakistan border. Another measure being taken is that fishermen would now have to raise the Indian flags only for their vessels. They would also be provided with custom pass and licenses. The local fishermen have welcomed the state’s decision. It is a known fact that even today Indian coastlines are unsecured. While the state has taken up measures to provide fishermen with access cards, they are still lacking advanced technology. The terrorists who hijacked the trawler Kuber are said to have equipped with sophisticated ammunition and satellite phones. Any such act can be beaten in the future if fishermen too are trained by the state to stay on their vigil and be equipped with technological solutions to raise alarm during emergencies. With cameraperson Dynaneshwar Mali, Shailendra Upadhay for NMTV news.

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