A leopard cub fell into a 20-feet deep well in Talasari district of Dahanu. The nine-month-old male fell into the well that is located at a farm. While the Forest Department and police launched rescue operations to save the cub, its mother observed the developments from behind a bush near the well. In a rather bizarre incident, a leopard fell into a well at Dahanu. Locals made every attempt to bring out the cub. In these visuals captured by a NMTV viewer, you can see the cub first striving to come out of the well holding on to a plastic pipe connected to a motor pump inside the well. The Range Forest Officer, Bordi (Dahanu) and Senior Police Inspector Nitin Jadhav of Talasari police station were informed about the incident who immediately came on site. The water was at least 10 feet deep so the officers downed some plastic chairs tied to a rope so that the cub could sit on it. But the leopard refused to do so. An iron cage was also thrown but the cub refused to go inside it. An iron ladder was then thrown in, but the cub got more terrified and splashed in the waters. Finally the officers pulled up the ladder and made a bed of green leaves which camouflaged the steps and again lowered it down. Finally at 11 am, the cub leapt out of the well and escaped into the thicket. According to the officer, the cub and its mother may have strayed from the nearby Zarigaon reserve forest in search of food when the cub slipped into the well. Monika Bhosale – NMTV News.

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