ticket-window-6In a joint meeting of Palm Beach Residents Welfare Association, CIDCO officials and railway officials, the residents of Palm Beach road voiced their concern over the lesser number of ticket counters at Vashi railway station due to which the commuters are forced to cross railway tracks which may cause danger to their lives. The members of Palm Beach Residents Welfare Association recently met CIDCO officials sitting at the Vashi Railway Station and Senior Divisional Commercial Manager of Railways Atul Rane. The residents of Palm Beach road first took up the issue of the open space behind Vashi Railway Station that has a lot of wild growth and appealed to authorities to make use of the plot for providing better facilities to commuters. Their biggest worry however was the need of ticket window. Due to the unavailability of the ticket counters, residents have to cross rail tracks towards west and due to this so many people have met with accidents. The train coming from Sanpada sometimes halts near signal, which often creates confusion for the commuters. The road which is used as a short cut has no lights; moreover it’s covered with trees and shrubs. This place is a safe heaven for robbers, due to which there is a fear of theft and robbery. Troubled with these problems, residents demanded and suggested to officials to clean the land and make ticket window. After listening to people, officials gave promise of action and also said that within 15 days Ticket Punching Machine will be placed. But people will have to wait for ticket window for few months: In its first meet, officials have promised of action but people are still wondering that if it is possible at all, as no action was taken in last 5 years so it’s a wait and watch whether any action will now be taken in the next 15 days. With cameraperson Deepak Kamble, Monika Bhosle for NMTV News.

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