_miniseashore-2The light poles lying at Mini Sea shore footpath pose as a threat to those walking on the footpath as the sharp edges of the pole can injure any one. Vashi’s Mini sea shore lacks good lighting in the evening. To better this, the NMMC is in the process to improve the lighting in Mini sea shore. For the same the NMMC has awarded the work of fitting light poles at Mini Seashore to a contractor. But it has been almost a month now that the light poles are just lying on the footpath. These light poles have sharp edges, which can easily injure any one walking on the footpath. Joggers, walkers and visitors who come in huge numbers to Mini Seashore said that not only should NMMC gives the contractor a class on the hazards of these polls but it the irresponsible behavior of the contractor should also be corrected. The public opined that there is a need of a vigilance department in NMMC that can inspect and keep a check on how their contractors are working or most often, not working properly. And its now like accidents has not taken place already. Some walkers informed us that a lady and a child got injured on the footpath as there was less light in the evening. The NMMC seems to be doing their job but at snails pace speed of the contractor in the absence of any check on him poses as a threat to visitors at Mini Seashore. And even the local Congress corporator Avinash Lad seems to be too busy protecting illegal gardens within holding ponds to notice the inconvenience being caused to visitors at Mini Seashore due to the lackadaisical attitude of the NMMC contractors and officials. With cameraman Vivek Gaikwad Jan Cabral for NMTV News.

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