fire-2NMTV News has been airing several reports on how the NMMC Fire Brigade is ill equipped to handle fire in high rises and we got a peek of this at a mock demonstration organized by the Navi Mumbai Fire Brigade. The NMMC Fire Fighting Dept. had organized this demonstration exclusively for NMTV to prove that they were apt to handle fire in high rises but the demonstration on the contrary confirmed that the NMMC Fire Dept. in fact, does not have the expertise to tackle fire in high rises. The all new 18 storied NRI Complex’s Phase 2 – NMMC Fire Brigade Team with the much hyped Bronto Skylift and fire fighters – the stage was set for a demonstration. A demonstration that was organized exclusively for NMTV News to prove that the NMMC Fire Brigade was efficient and equipped to handle fire cases in high rises. Equipped may be but efficient definitely not. We’ll tell you why. The demonstration was given under the headship of NMMC’s Fire Dept.’s Chief Vijay Rane who boarded the skylift and took it to about 60 meters to give the demonstration. However, soon the demonstration start exposing where all the NMMC Fire Fighting Team can fail to save life and property in high rises. The first being that when the NMMC Fire Fighters connected their systems to the main water pump house of the complex, there was a system shut down. And when the systems did start working, even then it took around fifteen minutes for the water to reach. Not just this, the fire chief confessed that at the higher floors of the high rises, due to wind, it is difficult to operate the Bronto Skylift. If the NMMC Fire Brigade’s failures came to light when they knew well in advance about a mock demonstration, then what will happen during a fire, which comes without any intimation? The demonstration also confirms fears about those who have bought property in high rises that are 90 meters and above. Like M/s Swaraj Builders and Developers’s high rise tower Queen’s Bay, Plot no. 72 in Sector 14, Koperkhairane and M/s Kesar Group’s high rise tower Kesar Solitaire, Plot no 5 in Sector 19, Sanpada. Each of these towers is above 90 meters i.e. above 32 floors. The high rise tower built by Swaraj Builders and Developer’s in Sector 14, Koperkhairane is 91.5 meters and the one built by Kesar Group in Sector 19, Sanpada is 92.5 meters. In such a scenario, it can easily be understood that the lives of occupants living in these towers might even be a fatal risk. In the name of development, unchecked high rise towers have come up in the city. The more the floors of these high-rises, the bigger is the worry. After the NMMC Fire Brigade Dept’s demonstration it is confirmed that grave dangers loom over towers like Swaraj Builders and Developers’ Queen’s Bay and Kesar Solitaire if any fire incidents were reported here. Now it is up to the buyers to be vigilant else they will become victims of the unholy nexus of politicians, authorities and selfish builders.

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