j-d-koli-1Reacting in a rather bizarre way, the NCP man behind the construction of the controversial jetty at Diwale J D Koli says he had been following the construction of a jetty when he was corporator in NMMC but since NMMC sighted CRZ violations as a reason, he constructed the jetty himself. J D Koli went on say that it wasn’t a big deal if the Guardian Minister did not inaugurate the jetty, because the Kolis did. After State Environment Minister Ganesh Naik not inaugurating the controversial jetty at Diwale, there were speculations that the reason for that the jetty was built in CRZ violations. The same is being alleged by local fishermen of the area who allege that former NCP corporator J D Koli violated all CRZ norms to build the illegal jetty. In protest the local fishermen had even registered a complaint at the Maritime department, Forest Department and the Collector Office as J D Koli had not taken any requisite permissions. They further alleged that J D Koli had plans of converting this jetty into a private boating service which was not al all of any benefit to the Koli community. They added even the Thane Guardian Minister Ganesh Naik might not have inaugurated the jetty because he too it was inappropriate. On the other had NCP man J D Koli had some rather bizarre replies to all the allegations. Not hesitating in accepting that the jetty was built in violation of CRZ norms, J D Koli said that when NMMC did not come forward to build the jetty sighting CRZ as the reason, he himself built it. And the NCP man did not seem much bothered even about the fact that Environment Minister Ganesh Naik had not inaugurated the jetty. He said the Minister might have had problems but that doesn’t matter because the Koli community did it. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Moniaka Bhosale for NMTV News.

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