Like every month, this month beginning too had TMC holding its Lok Shahin Din where grudges and problems of the residents are resolved. In the last 10 months of its commencement, TMC Lok Shahin din has received a total of 641 complaints but till date only 171 have been resolved. TMC has been holding Lok Shahi Din since December 2007. In the last 10 Lok Shahin Dins, TMC has received 641 complaints and issues from residents of 31 of its wards. Out of these while 228 applications have been resolved, 171 will be resolved – they are in the last stages while 235 are yet to receive any decision. While orders are issued by the TMC Commissioner to his officers, lax attitude of the officers has led to more than 200 applications still waiting for approval. 76 applications are pending in the Town Planning Department, 268 applications are pending in nine other committees and 47 applications are pending at the Naupada ward committee. With cameraperson Ravi Nikam, Monika Bhosale for NMTV News.

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