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Lonely voyage of the Japanese ghost ship finally comes to an end over the Gulf of Alaska

Last year after the world’s worst tsunami had struck Japan, one of its shipping vessel, Ryou-Un-Maru 164 foot, had drifted away across the Pacific Ocean. Since then the abandoned ship with no lights or any communication system was carrying on its lonely journey in the ocean.

The National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and the Environmental Protection agency decided that it was better to sink the ship rather than risk the chance of it running loose further endangering other ships in the busy shipping lanes between North America and Asia. Since no body had stepped forward to claim the ship it was decided to sink the ship. The sinking procedure was however delayed because a Canadian shipping vessel claimed salvage rights over the abandoned ship in international water. But after the Canadian ship was unable to tow it, the orders to sink the ship started off.

A US Coast Guard cutter unleashed cannon fire on Ryou-Un-Maru, which soon burst into flames and within a time period of 4 hours the Japanese ghost ship finally sank 1000ft deep into the Alaska and 240km away from the land. The ship which had been traveling about 1mph in its last days had the capacity of carrying more than 7570ltrs of diesel fuel. However, it was impossible to find out if there was any fuel on the ship or not.

After the last year worst tsunami faced by Japan, about 5 million tons of debris was swept across the Pacific Ocean. Kiran Kidwai – International Desk, NMTV

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