Long queue for justice at Vashi Sessions Court

With the development of the city, there is an increase in population and with that inadvertently there is also an increase in crime. However, the increase in the population and the crime rate has become a problem for the Vashi Court. Today, there are nearly 45,000 cases pending in queue, waiting for justice at the Vashi Sessions Court.

For those waiting outside the Vashi’s Sessions Court, justice is a long wait. With the development of the city, there is an increase in population which inadvertently also increases the crime rate. This increase in population and the crime rate has become a concern for Vashi Sessions Court where there is a long pending list of cases waiting to be cleared off. As per records, since 1997, there are a total of 15,000 cases pending in the court but today the statistics have shot up to a total of 45,000 pending cases. The astounding number of cases has even shocked the lawyers.

The 45,000 cases include 32,000 criminal cases, nearly 9000 cheque bounce cases, 2500 civil cases, 2500 cases of Sr. division and another 500 cases of session related cases.

One of the reasons for the long pending cases are the number of judges in these courts. Today there are seven judges for the seven courts out which three judges are for criminal cases, three judges for check bouncing while there is only one judge for civil cases. The Joint Secretary of the Court informed that another reason for the delay in the pending cases is due to the non-availability of lawyers. However, H B Patil also blamed the delay of cases on the delay by CIDCO to build the new court. He expressed hope that once a new and bigger court is formed, cases would be reduced.

No matter the reasons, the fact is that the long pending cases are just another long wait for the common man who knocks the doors of court for justice. With cameraperson Raju Sharma, Gangasingh Rajpurohit for NMTV News.

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