ri.kiP.piiThis is former Mayor Manisha Bhoir talking of living up to the faith that Ganesh Naik placed in her when he chose a first time woman corporator to become the Mayor of Navi Mumbai. Four years later, the former Mayor’s husband Shashikant Bhoir has defected to the Congress party. Once again bringing to the forefront how loyalty and integrity often loose to selfishness and greed in politics. For reasons and differences best known to Shashikant Bhoir, he decided to join Congress. He made an official entry in the Congress party during the party-workers meet presided over by MPCC Chief Manicrao Thakre at Vashi. NCP Navi Mumbai Supremo Ganesh Naik had rewarded Shashikant Bhoir’s loyalty in the past when he chose his wife who was first time corporator Manisha Bhoir for the post of Mayor of Navi Mumbai overlooking the candidature of other senior women corporators. From a mere home maker, Manisha Bhoir adorned the prestigious office of the first citizen of Navi Mumbai only because of Ganesh Naik’s blessings. But forgetting all the honor that Ganesh Naik brought to the Bhoir family, Shashikant Bhoir chose to join Navi Mumbai Congress – that has always been divided and suffers from deep-rooted faction politics for years. Political analysts say that entering Congress in Navi Mumbai could be nothing less than political suicide for Shashikant Bhoir. The Congress party in Navi Mumbai will never give Shashikant Bhoir what his one time mentor Ganesh Naik had. Defections and shifting loyalties haunts present day politics. Unlike leaders and party workers of the past, today loyalty and integrity in politics have lost to selfishness and greed for power. A line of comparison of the leaders that were and the leaders narrates the tale of deterioration of ethics and moral in politics. A leader who does not stay loyal to his party and mentor who made him what he is today, how can one expect such a person to be loyal to voters who voted for him? Blame it on the degrading standards of modern day politics that ethics and moral values have become a thing of the past. Character, integrity, modesty and honesty find no standing against corrupt interests, selfishness and greed for power – making this the single biggest challenges for the largest democracy in the world. Zeba Warsia – NMTV News.

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