aruna-roy-The women’s cell of BARC had organized a seminar which saw the presence of some eminent speakers. One of them was social activist and Magsaysay award winner Aruna Roy. Aruna Roy, who brought the Right to Information in India, with her simple words and impressive oratory skills mesmerized the audience. The women’s cell of BARC organized an interactive session for its employees. The session was not just interactive but enlightening too with the presence of social activist and Magsaysay award winner Aruna Roy. Aruna Roy resigned from the prestigious post of an IAS Officer and devoted herself in empowering the downtrodden people of Rajasthan. Apart from being a social activist, Aruna Roy is known across the country for bringing the Right To information which is the basic right of every citizen. Aruna Roy mesmerized the gathering with her powerful thoughts and views on Right to Information. Speaking on Right to Information, she said that a healthy democracy was one which enabled the thoughts of doubt and questioning. Speaking on the role of social workers and social activists, she said that the thinking of the people towards politics needs to be changed. Recalling one of the slogans by them, she said that no matter which government is at the ruling, what mattered was that the country was theirs and it is they who have to look after it. She said that be it the Chief Minister, Member of Parliament or Member of Legislative Assembly, it is the people who have given them the power and it is for the people that they will have to work. She added that even the law stated that the information that can be shared with a MP or MLA can be shared with the common man. Roy also narrated some anecdotes to inspire students to take up social causes. She narrated an incident which later became the national slogan for RTI. She speaks of her companion who when asked as to why she was fighting for implementation of RTI, the women, without hesitation, replied that when every day she checked with her son as to how much money he spends, then, why shouldn’t she ask the government which spends thousands of crores on the development of villages. She shared how the Right to Information movement began in a small village in Rajasthan through a short film. Later on speaking to the media, Aruna Roy also emphasized on the need to have women in politics as it they who good can have a futuristic view on issues like inflation as they form an integral part of the household. Also present during the seminar was Human Right activist Teesta Setalvad, social activist Shankar Singh, Convener of women’s cell Dr Sunita Singh and Controller of BARC ND Sharma. Dr Sunita Singh spoke to us on the seminar. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Vrushali Chitre for NMTV News.


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