vigilance-1The Maharashtra government is considering a proposal to set up a State Vigilance Commission, on the lines of Central Vigilance Commission. The state government is mulling over the formation of a state vigilance commission. In addition to the Anti Corruption Bureau which has only police personnel, it is felt that there should be a State Vigilance Commission on the lines of Central Vigilance Commission. The state panel would maintain a database on disciplinary cases to keep track of their progress and also hold Departments accountable for results by submitting annual report to the Legislature. Accordingly, each Department would be required to institute an evaluation mechanism of its programmes on the basis of clearly laid down parameters. The result of this exercise should form a part of the Annual Administration Report of the Department to be placed before the state Legislature. On the e-governance front, the agenda for e-Governance would be assigned to individual departments by identifying specific activities in consultation with the heads of the departments for providing cost-effective quality services in time bound manner. The procedures in the areas of public interface would be simplified and electronic service delivery for the common people introduced. Each Department is expected to lay down a time schedule to extend service delivery mandatory through electronic means. Bureau report – NMTV News.

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