police1The Chief Minister’s tour of the city was marked as the Day of Inaugurations. Be it the PAPs or the Urban Haat or his visit to the Vishnudas Bhave Auditorium to address the gathering, the show was big and grand. But when it came to the bhumipujan of the Navi Mumbai headquarters at Kalamboli, the entire program went up for grabs. On the day of inaugurations, Navi Mumbaikars were more than pleased to have the Chief Minister Ashok Chavan fly in himself for the inauguration of city based amenities like PAP training center, Urban Haat and others and the valuable time he spent for addressing the gathering at the Vishnudas Bhave auditorium. But it can be called an irony that the bhumipujan program of the Navi Mumbai police, which took all the care to manage the proper functioning and flow of all the other events, literally went for a toss. The nature also played its hand in making the bhoomipujan of Navi Mumbai Police headquarters a total a fiasco as heavy downpour and windy atmosphere was witnessed. The situation was so bad that it left the Commissioner of Police’s vehicle in the ditch. The tent tied for the people guarding the city could not be guarded and was dismantled by the wind. The CM also completed the mere formalities of the bhumipujan but at the same time hurting the sentiments of the police by not even sparing five minutes with them. To the surprise of the newly appointed DGP – Housing Hasan Gafoor, he could witness the Chief Minister and the Dy. Chief Minister take an exit as soon as he made an entry. The rest of the dignitaries did not even take the pain of stepping out of their cars. It can also be referred as a mere misfortune or simply fate of the Navi Mumbai Police as the rains stopped as soon as the CM sped back from the site. With cameraperson Vinayak Dalvi, Shivam Rai for NMTV News.

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